Westfield School


Westfield is fortunate in having two well-equipped computer suites as well as the computers in the library and 2 class sets of iPads which can be used in classrooms. These are all networked.


Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard for use during lessons and all staff use these to engage learning. There are computers available for use in most classrooms and all children also have access to computers during lessons, clubs and before and after school to do homework. The hall is equipped with a digital projector, PC, electronic screen and a sound system, which provides an excellent resource.


ICT is used in all subject areas within the school and staff can book the ICT suites for discrete lessons within their subject area. All staff have regular access and training enabling them to keep up to date with advancements in programs and the internet. In addition, pupils have discrete Computing lessons of one hour every week. In accordance with the new National Curriculum pupils will be taught to use technology safely, effectively and responsibly. They will also learn the basic skills of computer programming using Scratch and Python.

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