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Term Dates 2019-21

These are our current dates, please keep checking for further updates and information.

Term Dates
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All pupils will be given homework. The amount given will increase between the year groups in the school. Homework in Reception and KS1 will be set where appropriate to enhance their learning in school.


Pupils are required to read each evening. We hope that parents will encourage our pupils to read as many different kinds of appropriate texts as possible.


Homework tasks may include writing, reading, learning spellings, learning timetables, research, word processing projects, watching certain TV programmes, using computer programs (at school or at home if possible), interviewing adults etc. The list of different tasks is endless. Pupils can complete homework in the library after school. There is no excuse for personal study not to be done.


To make communication between home and school easy, each pupil has a personal organiser, designed ‘in-house’. Please check this daily and sign at least weekly. It is a useful method of home-school communication for you, as well as staff. If you think your child has not been receiving homework, please contact the school immediately.




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