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Technology and the internet is key in the 21st century for education, business and social interaction. This is why it is key that children know how to use technology and the internet safely and effectively. As our children progress through their education, they access a variety of different types of technology. There are so many positives associated with technology, however at Westfield School, we ensure that children, staff and parents are aware of the various risks associated with the internet and technology.


At Westfield School, we follow the SMART Rules:



































Below are a range of guides for parents regarding various online safety risks. These are some of the most popular devices, software, games and apps that children are using at the moment. They provide you with helpful tips of what to look out for in order to keep your children safe.





















More of the above guides can be found: https://nationalonlinesafety.com/ 


For further guidance on keeping your children safe and for what apps and games are safe for children, please see the links below.












If you need further advice or assistance regarding keeping your child safe online or if you have any E-safety concerns. Please contact Mr Jackson via  office@westfieldschool.net with the subject FAO: Mr Jackson.

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