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At Westfield pupils study physical, human and environmental geography throughout the school. Geography examines the people and places of the contemporary world. This is an enquiry based subject, which encourages the pupils to ask “Why, how, what and where?” By drawing upon local, national and international news media coverage the pupils are encouraged to think about human beings’ impact upon the world.


Pupils study their immediate environment and their locality, as well as contrasting localities from around the world. Issues to do with the conflict between increased economic activity and conserving the world’s natural resources; concepts of world development; different aspects of settlement such as population, industry and communication links are all explored, as well as the physical environment and map work.


At Westfield, we believe that pupils should engage in activities, which are challenging, relevant and motivating. The units of study are planned so that pupils can build on previously acquired knowledge and skills. Fieldwork and research are important strands of the geography curriculum. The department is well resourced with many new texts, equipment and ICT resources. Outdoor visits, both in the local area and beyond are encouraged whenever possible.


"The academic curriculum at the school is broad and varied and pupils receive good advice and guidance"


Ofsted Inspection

June 2015

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