Westfield School


All pupils at Westfield study history. Pupils study the people, beliefs and events, which have shaped Britain and the world.


History allows pupils to ask questions, to collect and to record information, to organise their ideas and to present their results using a range of techniques. By reading original sources, studying photographs, handling artefacts, watching DVDs and visiting historic sites, the pupils at Westfield are provided with a variety of effective learning experiences. Pupils are taught to critically evaluate evidence for bias and propaganda, thus helping them to interpret secondary sources more accurately.


Within the National Curriculum, the pupils study mainly British History at Key Stage 2 and 3. They are also learning about the influences of Ancient Greeks, Roman and The Monarchs.


History is about real people and real events. Learning about the past and the methods used to study it, helps pupils to have a better understanding of themselves, their society and the world.


The department is well resourced – Information Technology, DVDs and experiential learning are important elements of our teaching and learning.


The interactive whiteboard, along with interactive software, helps pupils to engage with the topics by presenting information and challenges in an appealing way.

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