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Westfield has had international schools status for over a decade now and it's something we are very proud of. We teach a size-able section of our curriculum with an "International dimension" and love to work together with schools around the world to expand the horizons of our pupils. This page is dedicated to some of our work this year. If you are interested in getting in contact with us about the process or practice, or are another school who would like supporting in making an application, please contact us on office@westfieldschool.net .



We hope you enjoy reading about our international school.....

Native American and African History Unit


Our Y8 pupils undertake a topic on African History and Native American History in the second term of Y8. This is abridged and redesigned to build on the previous topic of "Black peoples of America". This time we look in detail at the slave trade and how families were split apart and life indelibly changed over this period. This also includes looking at the plight of the native Americans and their mistreatment by the European settlers. Pupils look at the languages, rights, struggles, injustice, cultural upheaval and how even in 2017 there's links back to this era that are still significant.


Cooking around the world


The pupils in KS3 do "Cooking from round the world" in Food Technology, in which they study foods from around the globe and why they are popular in each place. (necessity, diet, weather and availability are all factors) They then design a menu based on another country's most popular dishes and as well as making the food, market and assess their own performance. Previous food has included, Thai, Indian, Chinese, French, Italian, Mexican and Eastern European amongst others.


Full house workshop scheme


In Y5 we study the heritages of all pupils and the class put together a world map of where their heritages stem from. As part of this each pupil must investigate to dig deeper into their family history as part of the homework. Later on we have Full House Workshop come in and do a whole year project with Y5. where they bring in artefacts from their countries of heritage and prepare presentations and celebrations, including drama workshops together.


Hola Mexico!

In Y6 pupils take part in the "Hola Mexico" theme, in which they use Mexcian culture to inspire literacy, geography and history. It begins with the topic launch as pupils make Mexican flags, sample Sangrita, Nachos and make luchador masks. We had a Mariachi singer visit and as well as teaching the students well known songs like "La Cucaracha" and "Mexican Hat" he also answered questions on Mexican independence celebrations. Later on we look in detail at "The day of the dead" and pupils write an extended piece of descriptive writing. Pupils also learn traditional Mexican games and this ties in with our Spanish lessons that are now being delivered in KS2.


Danish Council exchanges


The school councils of our school and Oehlenschlaegersgade Skole in Copenhagen have worked together on several projects and exchanges over the last two years. Firstly both councils designed and set video quizzes for the other school on their own cultures. Then they sent back videos of their answers in exchange. This exchange is still ongoing and has been both challenging and and at times amusing for pupils! When Danish teachers have visited twice we've had the council involved, firstly they interviewed them as part of the original exchange and this year the council made lunch for the Danish teachers and entertained them over lunch, as well as asking them about the differences in education between the two countries. We have also written letters across council members and had e-mail exchanges, which included their ideal school designs. This exchange has also led us to getting the council to look at PLC's (Pedagogical learning centres) and look at our own spaces to learn in. The council working with staff are then going to help reshape our library or youth club taking into account of the Danish philosophy. We hope to have these changes happen across the course of the school year.


South Africa Mural project and exchanges "2027"


Westfield and Phakama have worked together for more than 5 years now and have had pupils write to each other, video message, set quizzes and exchange resources. Last year after a successful Art project to design a mural to represent the countries friendship we have decided to extend our art link. We are launching a new competition called "2027", in which pupils from South Africa and the UK look at where they will be in ten years, where they'd like to be, what the issues of the world are and how we can solve them. This will include Art, Poetry, Free writing and speech making. The aim is for pupils to peer assess and look at each others work using video messages, Skype and e-mail. Teachers across the schools will work together on the success criteria and the Phakama pupils will grade Westfield pupils and vice versa. At the end we will display the best work from the OTHER country in our schools. We will also aim to do an assembly on the process.


Finnish Y6 problem solving/game teaching project


Inspired by an Erasmus exchange that saw how many problem solving games are undertaken by Finnish pupils. Mr Thornes launched an exchange with Jalavapuisto school from Finland for KS2 pupils. The idea is based on setting each other a challenge in problem solving by either e-mail, video or Skype. The pupils then have a week to learn the challenge and deliver it to fellow pupils before setting a new challenge in return the next week. The first challenge was a game based on orders of coloured blocks in which two teams compete against each other to construct a correct chain of colours first. The UK pupils then taught their Finnish counterparts a game in return. We are aiming at making a book of the games that we challenge each other with.


Into Africa


Pupils study a Unit "Into Africa" in KS3 Geography. In which they look geographically, socially and economically at the oldest continent. They look at the socio-economic issues that have created problems, the rich artistry and also the savage effect of civil war. As part of the scheme, small groups chose a country to specifically create an extended study on for their final assessment.


Partner Schools


Oehlenschlaegersgade Skole in Copenhagen, Denmark

Phakama Secondary in South Africa

Jalavapuisto school in Finland



Please click on the below link to see a variety of photos from the many projects we have done as part of this, as well as our International Schools Policy.

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