Westfield School


The Mathematics department starts this academic year with a dedicated and enthusiastic team.


This year we are also developing Literacy across the curriculum. Activities planned in lessons will have elements of speaking, listening, writing and reading in mind.


The department still subscribes to My Maths and pupils are now very confident in using this software online for their homework. Pupils are assessed regularly at the end of each term.


Teachers and Support Staff use a wide range of teaching methods to engage pupils and link their learning to real life. Pupils interest in Mathematics is promoted further through extra curricular Maths Clubs such as morning chess club and lego club, lunchtime Maths games and times table club.


More able and talented pupils are given opportunities to extend and enrich their learning through taking part in national maths challenges and organising workshops for Year 4 pupils. They are also nominated to mentor younger pupils during the SATs booster classes.


The Mathematics Team work together in sharing resources and encouraging pupils at Westfield to work to their full potential.

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Maths Websites

Calculation Method Videos


Addition by Counting On

Addition by Leaping Further

Addition by Partitioning

Expanded Column Addition

Compact Column Addition

Compact Column Addition with Decimals


Subtraction by Counting Back

Subtraction by Leaping Back

Subtraction by Counting On

Expanded Column Subtraction

Compact Column Subtraction

Compact Column Subtraction with Decimals