Westfield School

Music & Performing Arts/Dance

Every pupil at Westfield School has the opportunity to enrich their lives and gain key skills and experience through the Music curriculum. Each pupil has access to 1 hour a week of curriculum Music and a variety of extra-curricular and peripatetic opportunities.


All years follow a constructive syllabus that teaches them how to read, perform, compose, improve and analyse music, and covers aspects of rhythm, timing, expression, and rudiments (basics) of music theory. Pupils are given access, and the opportunity, to use up-to-date ICT resources, experience sampling and sequencing software, and use computers to record their composition on notational, Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) and audio recording software.


Our extra-curricular and peripatetic music opportunities allow pupils to develop their performance abilities and gain experience using a range of instruments through a wide variety of clubs (provided by Music for Bedford) or the School Band / Ensemble. Pupils develop their practical skills, learn a range of different songs, and have access to different performing opportunities. Our School Band / Ensemble constantly evolve and the complexity of the songs and instruments they play and learn evolves too.


Furthermore, pupils are encouraged to demonstrate their skills and talents at our annual Winter Seasonal Show and Summer Showcase, which are growing and improving all the time and have been a great success, spotlighting the talents of our pupils.


A range of dance styles are taught focusing on choreography, spatial awareness, rhythm and performance skills. Dances reflect different social and cultural contexts and communicative artistic intention. Many of our pupils perform the piece of work in assembly or school shows.

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