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A Message from Mrs Watts

Sports News

We have had an amazing term at Westfield and the children are looking forward to a well deserved break. We wish Mrs Cunningham all the very best in her new job and thank her for all of the hard work and support she has given to the school.We also say goodbye to Miss Grant. She will be replaced with Miss Whitfield in January who I am sure will continue the good work. Mr Brooks is moving to a school closer to home where we wish him continued success in the future. He will be replaced by Miss Begum as she has now returned from maternity leave.

We would also like to say bon voyage to Miss Wyatt as she leaves to go to Australia and we look forward to Miss Wells joining us in January in her place. We also wish Mrs Maddox all the best in her new position. It just leaves me to wish you all a very happy festive break and we will see the children at school on January 3rd 2019.

Well done girls for a brilliant final basketball game against Biddenham. Combined next year they will make a great team. Girl of the game - Alisha.



Great work from the year 7 basketball team coming joint 3rd in Bedford. Unlucky to lose against a very talented St Thomas Moore. MVP - Iqram.




Well done to the year 5/6 girls and boys competing in their Bedford SSPs indoor athletics. One of the most fun competitions of the year.

Usual Reminders

Phone calls

Please make sure that your child has 20p (50p to call a mobile) so that they can make a phone call if needed e.g. forgotten PE Kits, lunch money, staying for clubs etc.

phone calls

Dinner Money

£1.90 daily

£9.50 per week

Please make cheques payable to Initial Catering.

dinner money

Change of contact details

It is important that we have the correct address and telephone numbers for all parents. If they have changed please let us know immediately

contact details lllness attendance

Attendance and Punctuality

Please remember that your child needs to be on the school playground by 8.20am. They should not be on school premises before this unless they have a club as they will not be supervised. Please can you drop off your child at the school gates leading to the playground.


Children should not be dropped off at the front office. We are aware that children are ill on occasions but we would appreciate your support in encouraging your child to come to school if this is a mild illness such as a cold.


If your child is unwell please telephone the school office on 01234 267353 before 9am.


Children who get the minibus

If you need to contact Mr Powell please call 07542 943819.

We now have more uniform in stock.

Please pop into the school office if there is anything that you need to buy.


Previous Editions



WWF Bake Off

Our fantastic teacher and pupil Bake Off raised an amazing £91 for this years chosen charity, the WWF.


Year 4 went on a visit to Kings House to take part in a Play Day concert organised by Music for Bedford Borough (with a number of other schools).They performed what they had been learning in lessons on the keyboards and did extremely well. On their return to school, they also performed it to the rest of the school.


Year 2s visit to Hazard Alley was a big success. Pupils loved it as well as learning vital life skills.

School Trips

Year 5/6 Girls and Boys Bedford SSP's Indoor Athletics Year 7 Boys Basketball Westfield School Newswire Westfield School Bake Off for WWF Westfield School Newswire January April 18 Screenshot 76