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At Wesfield all our children are put into mixed year group houses. They take part in many events throughout the year as part of their house. They also collect house points which are added together as a house total. These totals are announced in celebration assemblies.

As we are a Sports College the houses are named after the last 4 Olympic Games: Athens, Beijing, London and Rio.


House Point Totals:

9th June 2016


Athens: 8235


Beijing: 8466


London: 8013


Sydney: 8740 (Renamed Rio September 2016)




19th May 2016


Athens: 7702


Beijing: 7952


London: 7404


Sydney: 8187






5th May 2016


Athens: 6829


Beijing: 7111


London: 6467


Sydney: 7183



29th April 2016


Athens: 6587


Beijing: 6963


London: 6114


Sydney: 6960












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