Westfield School

Religious Education

The course provides the opportunity for pupils to view religion from a wide perspective. They are encouraged to express their opinions and pose any relevant questions.


The importance of learning about various cultures or religions from the local community is emphasised. Westfield is a multicultural school, therefore pupils are taught to appreciate and respect this reality. Pupils follow the Bedfordshire RE Syllabus. Respect for other cultures is of vital importance.


We have either a thought for the day and or an assembly. Children are able to learn about the world religions through an enquiry-based approach to RE which they use to explore and ask questions about a range of artefacts.  We aim to help each child develop an understanding, tolerance and respect of the many different faiths and cultures in our society.

We encourage the children to adopt a thoughtful awareness of themselves and their personalities, of the world around them and of their relationships with others.  We try to conduct the life and work of the school in a similarly caring way and support this through our school values which relate to all aspects of the curriculum and life in school.



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