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Special Education Needs & Disability (SEND)

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Westfield School is an inclusive school, which offers a wide range of provisions, over and above Quality First Teaching to meet the needs of all pupils with SEND within our care. At Westfield we recognise that pupils with SEND may require additional support to enable them to meet their full potential. Through carefully differentiating lessons, the provision of specialist resources and targeted interventions, we support and challenge our children, encouraging all to become confident, independent learners. We work alongside a range of external agencies to support pupils with SEND - enabling them to access the curriculum and make best progress.


Before your child transfers to Westfield, careful decisions have already been made. Liaison with feeder schools and nurseries are considered very important to guarantee smooth transition. Prior knowledge is used to assess individual pupil’s strengths and areas for development. Decisions are made as to class dynamics, mixed ability and ability grouping.


During the first week of the school year, or on arrival, pupils in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 are assessed to determine reading, spelling, non-verbal reasoning and mathematical ability. This assists the staff in tracking academic growth. All this information is then used to identify specific needs and monitor the effectiveness of extra support given. Pupils entering in reception are closely monitored by their class teacher and progress towards their early learning goals is monitored to ensure any additional needs are identified as quickly as possible.


Pupils indentified with additional learning needs could be given:

  • specialist support in small groups with school based staff

  • use of equipment such as laptops

  • membership of the mathematics, reading, homework and handwriting clubs

  • access to external consultants and support services in certain cases

  • access to the sensory room and enrichment workshops

  • 1:1 support


Our SEND policy follows the principles of the Code of Practice (2014). All staff are working together to assist the pupils in achieving their full potential. More able and talented pupils at Westfield are involved with extra activities, eg. Science Fair, Maths Challenge, sports leadership and music clubs.


We welcome any feedback or questions about our SEND provision.  Please feel free to contact our SENDCO, Elise Parish, at any time via the school office.



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"The teachers are so caring and involved. The Headteacher is so co-operative and the kids are monitored indivually"

"Work is well matched to the abilities of pupils and offers the right level of challenge to interest them and stretch them so that they make good progress"

Ofsted Inspection

"I love Westfield because all of the teachers are respectful and massively caring"


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