Westfield School

Personal, Social Health & Citizenship Education

All pupils are involved in our Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education programme. The course helps pupils to develop knowledge, awareness and understanding of their personal development in relation to others and their society. By working with the pupils’ personal qualities, skills, attitudes and values we aim to help them think and act for themselves, to manage relationships, to understand others, to understand moral issues and to accept social responsibilities.


The course is delivered in a variety of ways with the emphases on active learning through enquiry, discussion and participation. The specialist knowledge and expertise of visiting speakers, such as the School Nurse, Community Police and members of the local community, complement those within the department and all staff in this cross curricular subject.


The programme provides knowledge and information relevant to the age and maturity of the pupils.


The Governors, staff and parents have agreed a sex and relationships education policy whereby pupils will be introduced to factual aspects of human development during the science course. Aspects of human relationships are dealt with as part of the Personal, Social Health and Citizenship Education course and will always be placed within a framework of moral values. Pupils are encouraged to talk openly about issues and feedback from these lessons is always positive. Westfield now has an accredited member of staff for the teaching and learning of Personal, Social and Health Education. If you wish to discuss this aspect of Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education you are welcome to contact the school.

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