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I have been a School Governor for 31 years and joined the Westfield Governing Body in 2011. My previous experience includes being a Governor of a middle school and an upper school where my two children attended. During the New Labour years, I chaired the Executive of Bedford Education Action Zone, comprising 23 schools in the area.

It was my own children’s development which first got me “hooked” as a School Governor and my passion for education has grown over the years. I believe that education is a “moral good” both for society in general and as a career choice for those who work in it.

I knew of Westfield’s reputation as “something special” several years before I joined the Governing Body: the school’s ethos and values harmonise with my own outlook and beliefs. It is a pleasure and privilege to be part of Westfield’s development over the challenging years of transition from Middle to Primary School.

My own career background in corporate management enabled me to bring something of the “business ethos” into the running of the Governing Bodies and the EAZ, but I have now been retired for several years. My own education included a degree in Mathematics, which of itself explains a lot about my analytical approach to problem solving!

Having now completed our transition to Primary School, I look forward to a period of relative stability for the school. We can concentrate on the basic issues of teaching and learning and ensure consistency in all we do: to make our best practice consistent throughout. We will continue our journey towards our vision: “Good to Great”. But we will hold true to the “Westfield Way” values of inclusion, respect and challenge. I believe we have the respect and support of the local community whom we serve: we intend to keep it that way!


Mr Jim Gunther

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